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PicMonkey Collage


I got this blouse last year for my birthday from a bunch of wonderful girls ❤ and I simply love it! It’s from Monki (but of course – only they can make something so bold and crazy) and I don’t even think you can get it anymore. But cute, right?

The necklace is from H&M, also an oldie.




Ok, I know I’m really terrible at posting pics of today’s look and of myself in general. I just don’t get around to it. But here’s the next best thing: a style shot of what I’m wearing today. All Monki with a splash of H&M (the necklace) and my fave sneaks, Nike Air Max 1.

Have a lovely day!


Phew… Feels like a really long time since I’ve been online. Or done anything that demands even the smallest amount of writing or researching, including blogging. I came back from my vacation about 2 weeks ago but I still haven’t buzzed out of vacation mode even though every day life set in as soon as I stepped through my front door.
Paris was amazing, Formula 1 incredible and it was simply a great trip. Pics will be up soon…that’s one of my fave things about traveling and seing new places: I get to play photographer and experiment with my camera.

But first: some news from the world of fashion and sneakers – two of my favorite things in the world. This friday, French store Colette will be celebrating a collaboration between street giant Converse and fashion royalty Missoni by launching a range of Converse sneakers covered with the famous Missoni print. They look really, really cool – a total of 20 classic sneaks with a twist.


More from and about the collection here.