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And right now I’m dancing to this:

Have a great weekend ❤



Mmmmm…. I have a crush on someone. This guy right here:







Drooool! The beard, the full lips, the intense but a bit sad eyes, the big body – I love how big and rough he is. A bit too big and rough as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” yeah, but it sure does fit the part. But it’s his acting that does it for me. Haven’t seen a movie yet where Mr. Hardy hasn’t impressed, and I am especially taken by his role in “Warrior” and “Lawless”. If you haven’t seen them yet, do it!
And tell me you would be able to resist this:


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PS. Lol, I just came across this – Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page with lots of private pictures and some of them are real gems. Even some from when he was making can really see how much he has evolved for his roles.



There’s no better time for a story than at Christmas. Last sunday us Monkigirls from our store i Aalborg got together to bake vanilla cookies, exchange presents and enjoy some holiday cheer. We had this picture taken and I made sure to send it to our Instagram people so you all can see it. It was so much fun!
I hope you’re all having fun too on this joyous day. Happy holidays to you all! Eat all you can eat and remember to enjoy each bite, each slurp, every present and any story that may be told. Hope you get lots of fabulous presents and dress up in your most glittery, sparkly clothes.


….to face on your own, a heavy cross to carry along.

The first lines in one of my fave songs of all times, “Heavy Cross” by US pop/rock band Gossip. Last thursday I took a long awaited trip to wonderful Copenhagen to visit my best friend and finally go to the concert she had given me tickets to for my birthday back in June. And it was AWESOME!

I love going to concerts, and my friend is always so much fun to do it with.. The music was fantastic, the sound in Store Vega (a nice venue which indeed does have great sound!) was perfect, and we danced like crazy. Beth Ditto’s voice was outstanding and the vibe was really groovy. So much fun.

Afterwards we went to a bar and ended up at the club Jolene, situated in Copenhagen’s version of New York’s meatpacking district – old slaughterhouses transformed into nightclubs and bars. But this was like another dimension. As soon as you walk in you’re hit by crazy techno tones and the whole left side of the club is jumping while the entire right side is a bar where people are standing. Really weird how people were just in one corner dancing hardcore to 90s techno. And the crowd was so young that I’m sure they didn’t even know it was 90s techno. In all the madness we looked at each other and just decided to do our own thing in the middle of the club – what else? We went crazy for 15 minutes and then bailed. That was enough techno for one night!

In stead, let’s hear this, shall we?


…with my beloved ones: Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

I’m home alone and have the day all to myself to do just what I want. When I thought about it I could have been doing a number of proactive things: cleaned my fridge, gone out for a run, or washed some clothes. In stead, I decided to do whatever makes me truly happy: staying in bed watching the last few episodes of SATC – the ones with the Russian. It’s been a while… And how relaxing it has been! And now my desires to visit New York or go back to Paris are stronger than ever..either of the two would make me happy.
Now: I better clean that fridge!

Great sunday, people!

(Image: HBO)


Here are just a few of my pics from Paris. I really love the city! It was everything I heard it would be – but better. Except all the stuff about the French being obnoxious pricks who don’t speak a word of English and never want to help you out with directions – what a myth. Everyone I talked to was really sweet and yes, they do speak English! Of course they do.. but no wonder they prefer French. It’s such a beautiful language. And if only one tries to speak it,  nothing more than a “Bonjour” or “Merci”, the French will really appreciate it. I speak a bit of French and being in Paris for a week only made me want to speak it more.

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I’m going, going to to Paris Paris…singing it to the beat of Biggie’s song “Going back to Cali”. But yes, I’M GOING TO PARIS!! And I’m freakishly excited. Started my long awaited vacation yesterday and soon I’m off to the city of looooove, and romance, and fashion, and….
But before that I have a whole bunch of other awesome stuff to see: Bruxelles, Formula 1 on Spa in Belgium and French wine country Alsace. And after Paris, I’m off to Copenhagen to see family, friends and KEVIN HART! Can’t wait!!
Bon voyage to me and bon jour to all of you ❤


So, I went fishing the other day. My boyfriend loves to fish and says it’s really relaxing so I thought I’d try. And relaxing isn’t really how I’d describe it.. boring is a better word. But mostly I was bored cause we didn’t catch anything. My bf went again the next day and of course he caught some! I’m bad luck…

But mostly I wanted to show you my new leggings from Monki. Aren’t they cool?!

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I was cleaning up my computer today – it’s my day off – and I found some old pics lying around. This is from back in May in front of my parents’ house. It was my dad’s birthday and I was just jolly. So I decided to jump around. Why not!? We should all jump around from time to time…for no other reason than that it’s fun.

Have a jolly Wednesday! And just jump, will ya!?



Which it really wasn’t! Actually it was my 26th b-day party (I just took 10 years off) and I invited my best girlfriends over for dinner and drinks…many drinks! I had a pink sweet sixteen theme with balloons, a red carpet and lots of pink and red color everywhere. It was fun ❤ Here are some mood pictures.

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I love throwing parties and having people over. Each year for my birthday I try to make something fun out of it..either have a theme or have some sort of activity. I’m running out of ideas!

Oh, and i wore an old yellow dress from H&M Trend which I bought on sale last year and I’ve never worn! And I got bangs that same day which I was NOT happy about. I knew it was a risk to change my hair on the very same day of an event. Oh, well!