Mmmmm…. I have a crush on someone. This guy right here:







Drooool! The beard, the full lips, the intense but a bit sad eyes, the big body – I love how big and rough he is. A bit too big and rough as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” yeah, but it sure does fit the part. But it’s his acting that does it for me. Haven’t seen a movie yet where Mr. Hardy hasn’t impressed, and I am especially taken by his role in “Warrior” and “Lawless”. If you haven’t seen them yet, do it!
And tell me you would be able to resist this:


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PS. Lol, I just came across this – Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page with lots of private pictures and some of them are real gems. Even some from when he was making can really see how much he has evolved for his roles.



There’s no better time for a story than at Christmas. Last sunday us Monkigirls from our store i Aalborg got together to bake vanilla cookies, exchange presents and enjoy some holiday cheer. We had this picture taken and I made sure to send it to our Instagram people so you all can see it. It was so much fun!
I hope you’re all having fun too on this joyous day. Happy holidays to you all! Eat all you can eat and remember to enjoy each bite, each slurp, every present and any story that may be told. Hope you get lots of fabulous presents and dress up in your most glittery, sparkly clothes.


OK, it’s no secret that I’m a biiiiig, big movie fan…and music fan, and art fan, and fashion fan, and OMG I could go on. Why limit yourself, right?

But 2013 is promising to be a wicked year movie wise. So many trailers and news have been buzzing for the past few months and here are some that I’m really excited about:

– The new “The Great Gatsby” looks absolutely stunning. The glitter, the power, the scenery, and not to mention Leonardo DiCaprio. My favorite actor since I was a young girl in my teens. Back then I had a mad crush on him. But now, it’s all about his amazing acting skills. And Carey Mulligan is quite an amazing starlet herself. This is gonna be big!

– What can I say? Nolan and Zack Snyder = full on awesomeness. Although I’m really not keen on yet another Superman flick, I’ve never seen a Snyder movie I didn’t like. His own characteristic way of working with the visuals always captivates me. And Nolan’s darkness will only make it even more interesting.

– a new M. Night Shyamalan film, which is really not positive, more like the other way around. I think the world will agree that “The Sixth Sense” was the only thing he ever did right. But this looks quite good. And Will Smith alongside his son Jaden once again can only make this a real treat. And the world going under? Always makes for a good theme.

– one word: yowza!

– movies about the end of the world as we know it sure does seem to be the big thing for 2013. But I’m up for it! And “World War Z” with Brad Pitt looks so far to be the best one of them. A new twist and a bit of a different story it seems. I can’t wait for this one!

– lol, this seems hilarious. “I gotta get a pump!” haha. I’m really starting to appreciate Mark Wahlberg as an actor, especially since seeing him in “The Fighter” and as a hella funny trying-too-hard cop in “The Other Guys”. He’s also starring alongside one of the greatest, Russell Crowe, in this one:

And this one is probably no. 1 on my list (and on many others’):

– Tarantino, Foxx, Waltz and once again DiCaprio all at once. And it looks awesome!

Oh right, and this one:


Enjoy, peeps! It’s going to be a GREAT year.




… Is still something I can only dream about. But the big piles of clothes I’ve got plus having a man you constantly buy things for hoping that he’ll wear them and look like all the guys from various street style sites has forced me to think of a new solution as to wear I can put it all – fast! And right now a clothes rack seems like the best/quickest/cheapest solution. I’d love to hang a branch from the cealing cause it looks so darn cool but my cealing can’t handle it :-/
So, while searching for the rack that’s juuuuuust right, I’ve come across some great inspiration pics from various sites.







If you have any bright ideas or websites where I can get an awesome rack, please pitch in!


…cause there’s a new fly boy in town! I’m really digging A$AP Rocky’s cool style in this video for “Fuckin’ problems” (finally! – I’ve talked about this song before). Love the long classic jacket and the collarless white shirt with ultra slim pants and high boots. Very nice! And his flow? Bad ass!



Enjoy peeps!