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Cheezy, I know. But still funny.

Sundays are for being cheesy and lazy, there I said it! My day will be spent mostly in bed, a bit in the kitchen, a tad in the bathroom doing laundry, an hour tops outside for a stroll…and that’s about it. You? Have a good one, y’all!



This is just typical! One of the funniest guys in show business is in Copenhagen the ONE weekend I’m not in Denmark: http://www.billetlugen.dk/andet/25071/kevin-hart-us/

This guy is hilarious, I’m telling you!

So mad right now that I don’t get to see him live. But I’ll be in Paris with my man, so I’m not that mad though 🙂 could be worse. But to anyone who is a fan of comedy or just wants to laugh their asses off: GO SEE THIS GUY!