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I got this blouse last year for my birthday from a bunch of wonderful girls ❤ and I simply love it! It’s from Monki (but of course – only they can make something so bold and crazy) and I don’t even think you can get it anymore. But cute, right?

The necklace is from H&M, also an oldie.




There’s no better time for a story than at Christmas. Last sunday us Monkigirls from our store i Aalborg got together to bake vanilla cookies, exchange presents and enjoy some holiday cheer. We had this picture taken and I made sure to send it to our Instagram people so you all can see it. It was so much fun!
I hope you’re all having fun too on this joyous day. Happy holidays to you all! Eat all you can eat and remember to enjoy each bite, each slurp, every present and any story that may be told. Hope you get lots of fabulous presents and dress up in your most glittery, sparkly clothes.



Ok, I know I’m really terrible at posting pics of today’s look and of myself in general. I just don’t get around to it. But here’s the next best thing: a style shot of what I’m wearing today. All Monki with a splash of H&M (the necklace) and my fave sneaks, Nike Air Max 1.

Have a lovely day!


So, I went fishing the other day. My boyfriend loves to fish and says it’s really relaxing so I thought I’d try. And relaxing isn’t really how I’d describe it.. boring is a better word. But mostly I was bored cause we didn’t catch anything. My bf went again the next day and of course he caught some! I’m bad luck…

But mostly I wanted to show you my new leggings from Monki. Aren’t they cool?!

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OK, I know I work there and all that but I had to spill the beans: Monki.com just got a fancy new upgrade and looks soooo nice. The new Autumn/Winter collections are hitting the stores and the images for them are absolutely amazing. The image theme that’s on at the moment is full of crazy cool mirror effects and colors.

Some of my faves from the trend “Mirror Mirror” are these:

So as you see, the color code right now is white/pink/blue/black. And there’s also some freaky yellow there too. Awesome collection IMO! Monki has come a long way since it first started. And I think it’s to the better. More mainstream surely, but the clothes are really great and still corky and special.


Sale time!!!!!! The summer sale is on RIGHT NOW at all Monki stores and online. Go crazy, go Monki 😀

Yes I work there, but honestly there is great stuff on sale. And I can’t wait to enrich all our lovely customers with great discounts. Hurry if you want to get all the good stuff!

Oh, and Weekday also started their sale!


// Sommerudsalget er startet i alle Monki-butikker og online LIGE NU! Så skynd jer hvis i vil have alle de gode sager – og der er mange. Priserne ligger mellem 30-160 DKK. 

Weekdays udsalg er også startet!


If you’re a fan of Weekday, Monki. 5 Preview and Lala Berlin be sure to stop by Agency V’s sample sale tomorrow at Vesterbrogade 69 D, Baghuset, Kbh V in Denmark.

It’s from 4 p.m-7 p.m and cash only. You can save up to 80% on some of the newest goods from the selected brands. Go go go!!

This is one of the things I hate about not living in Copenhagen! But I bet my bank is pretty happy about it.

Info found here: http://www.soundvenue.com/style/2012/06/13/kom-til-sample-sale-med-weekday-monki-og-5-preview.



Sikke et par sindssyge dage det har været! Torsdag var jeg til modeshow i shoppingcenteret Friis her i Aalborg, hvor jeg arbejder. Der var opvisning og danseshow med tøj fra centerets butikker, og jeg skulle hjælpe til backstage med påklædning af modellerne. Super sjovt! Her er de outfits min chef og jeg stylede til showet for Monki:


Meget sommerfriskt med nogle af vores key trends. Flere outfits kan ses i lookbook’en her. Jeg håber der snart kommer video op fra showet, for danserne og modellerne var vildt gode!

Bagefter var jeg helt pumped og klar til at fest pga den hektiske stemning og den høje musik. Så jeg fik en kollega med på en lille kigger i byen og det blev til en af de sjoveste aftner i mit liv! De byture man ikke planlægger viser sig oftest at være de sjoveste. Beviset på det fik jeg i lørdags, hvor jeg var til middag med min madklub. Jeg stod for maden og det var lige så hyggeligt som det altid plejer. Vi havde bare planlagt den vilde aften med drinks og dans i byen, men det blev i stedet til en hyggeaften hjemme. Det var fint, men jeg havde regnet med mindre snak og mere dans. Overplanning!

Men det var nu meget godt, at det ikke blev vildere. Min søndag var fri for de altødelæggende tømmermænd og jeg fik både set min familie og filmen Avengers med kæresten. Og den er ALL den er cracked up to be! Her var mine forventninger høje og de blev fuldt ud indfriet. Elsker overamerikaniserede superheltefilm, og denne ligger i toppen. Det siger nok sig selv, når man får de bedste Marvel helte samlet i en film. Så fedt!

Nu: tilbage til virkeligheden. Arbejdet kalder!

God dag!

What a crazy hectic couple of days it has been. I attended a fashion show on thursday at the shopping center where I work, Friis. The models, who were actually dancers, were wearing clothes from all the stores in the shopping center and I was helping them out back stage with the outfits. It was a lot of fun! My boss and I styled two outfits for Monki – very summerish with some of our key items.
Afterwards I was so pumped because of the loud music and hectic environment so I talked my colleague into a night out on town with me and it was crazy fun! One of the best nights out ever. The best parties often turn out to be the ones you don’t plan.
Saturday I had dinner with my dinner club, four great girls. Fun as always – but here I did over plan it and it didn’t turn out as crazy as I expected. But still fun, and I was lucky enough to escape the mad hangover I normally get the morning after. So sunday I got to see my family and the movie Avengers with my boyfriend. And it was awesome. It’s all that it’s cracked up to be and with all those superheroes in one movie, it’s gotta be fun. Really cool!

Now: back to reality. Work’s calling!

Great day y’all.