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No one does it like Mr. JT himself! The video is out.. and it’s perfect.




Happy effin new year!! Everyone enter the new year alright? Hope you did more than that and entered it with style, or a bang or….something fun. Most of the world is still hung over – while I’m enoying the perks of having had a nice, easy, fun evening at home with my man, great food and only a bit of wine (I guess I can surprise myself!). So I felt great yesterday and today.
But let’s dance our way into the new year, shall we? And this new track “BBD” from miss Azealia Banks is the way to go. Go girl!

Listen here.



…cause there’s a new fly boy in town! I’m really digging A$AP Rocky’s cool style in this video for “Fuckin’ problems” (finally! – I’ve talked about this song before). Love the long classic jacket and the collarless white shirt with ultra slim pants and high boots. Very nice! And his flow? Bad ass!



Enjoy peeps!


….to face on your own, a heavy cross to carry along.

The first lines in one of my fave songs of all times, “Heavy Cross” by US pop/rock band Gossip. Last thursday I took a long awaited trip to wonderful Copenhagen to visit my best friend and finally go to the concert she had given me tickets to for my birthday back in June. And it was AWESOME!

I love going to concerts, and my friend is always so much fun to do it with.. The music was fantastic, the sound in Store Vega (a nice venue which indeed does have great sound!) was perfect, and we danced like crazy. Beth Ditto’s voice was outstanding and the vibe was really groovy. So much fun.

Afterwards we went to a bar and ended up at the club Jolene, situated in Copenhagen’s version of New York’s meatpacking district – old slaughterhouses transformed into nightclubs and bars. But this was like another dimension. As soon as you walk in you’re hit by crazy techno tones and the whole left side of the club is jumping while the entire right side is a bar where people are standing. Really weird how people were just in one corner dancing hardcore to 90s techno. And the crowd was so young that I’m sure they didn’t even know it was 90s techno. In all the madness we looked at each other and just decided to do our own thing in the middle of the club – what else? We went crazy for 15 minutes and then bailed. That was enough techno for one night!

In stead, let’s hear this, shall we?


How awesome are these guys!? And what’s even more awesome is that I’ll be seeing them live TONIGHT. Third time I’m going to their concert and third time with the same girl, my best friend ❤ she shares my love for all kinds of music and Turboweekend has a special place in our hearts.

The music is synth-pop-rock, the lead singer Silas Bjerregaard has one of the most solid and pure voices in music today, and the guys just give a heck of a show each time they perform – like every time on stage is a first for them.

Get to know more about this Danish band here.

Have a great weekend!


…and what song it is! Enjoy this one, peeps – it’s A$AP Rocky, Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz all in one song. Doesn’t get better than this! I’m hooked and I can’t get e-n-o-u-g-h.

Have an awesome Thursday – hopefully with no fu**in’ problems!